travel grants

Obtained travel grants can only be used to waive the conference fee or reimburse the costs of attending the conference (transport prices).

To obtain a refund of travel costs, you must provide a personal invoice (an invoice issued to the conference participant) for airline/train tickets along with boarding passes. The money will be returned via transfers to bank accounts after the conference. Therefore, when registering for the conference (on-site), you should complete a simple travel expense reimbursement form.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to the amount of the grant obtained or the price of airline tickets (if their price is lower than the amount of the granted grant).


Grants and other forms of support for participation in the conference (full or partial coverage of travel costs)

All forms of support for participation in the conference will be considered after submitting the abstract (proposed scientific contribution).

The IAU will provide several travel grants to support qualified scientists from less privileged countries and young scientists and students.

Who can apply?

Everyone (except invited speakers, SOC, and LOC members) can apply, as long as they participate in-person and provide a contribution (Abstract must have been submitted).


The application deadline (and abstract submission) for an IAU Travel Grant is January 15, 2024.


After downloading, please fill out the IAU Travel Grant form and e-mail to

For more information visit Grants for IAU Symposia and Regional IAU Meetings page at the IAU site. For more details regarding the criteria that will be adopted, have a look at the rules and guidelines for IAU Symposia and Meetings.

Note that grants will be paid upon arrival and registration at the meeting. Grants will be paid to the provided bank account upon presentation of appropriate travel documents (cost of travel tickets).