Oral presentations

In order to efficiently conduct the conference, oral presentations will be supported by a conference laptop. Participants who have oral presentations are asked to send them to LOC by May 5  by following the two options described below:

(1) Prepare your presentation file in PowerPoint or in PDF.

(2) Find your presentation date and time from the conference program (https://iausymposium.zyrosite.com/program).

(3) Name your file as MMMDD-HHSS-Lastname-IAU388.pptx or MMMDD-HHSS-Lastname-IAU388.pdf. (ex: May07-0855-Yashiro-IAU388.pptx)

Upload Option 1:

(4a) Create a Google account if you don’t have it.

(5) Sign in Google.

(6) Upload your presentation file into the Google Drive from the following link.


Upload Option 2:

(4b) Send your presentation file (up to 10 MB) by an email to iau388.yashiro@gmail.com

During the school day on May 5, lecturers will be allowed to use their personal laptops. If the

presentation requires special IT tools, then it is also acceptable to use a personal computer

during the regular session. In this case, it is necessary to check the possibility of the connecting

the computer to the conference system in advance (during a coffee break or before the session)

We encourage all conference participants to register, when the school will be held exclusively for students, May 5. This will avoid queues and confusion during the first regular conference day on May 6. On May 5th, from 8:30 to 3:30 pm, everyone can sign up for the conference at the Auditorium Maximum of JU. 

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