Major topics:

  • Solar Source and Initiation of CMEs

  • CME-Flare Relationship

  • CME propagation

  • Solar Energetic Particles

  • Space Weather

  • Detecting and Modeling Stellar CMEs

  • Star-planet interactions

  • Solar and Stellar Extreme events

Conference program

The detailed conference program will be published here after February 28, 2024 (after accepting all abstracts).

Below is the timetable for the conference

Regular conference sessions will be held from May 6 to 10, 2024. On May 5, there will be a special session exclusively for students and young scientists (introduction to the conference)

5 May 2024 – Sunday

Registration 10am – 4 pm

Session only for students and young scientists (introduction to the conference topics), obligatory session for students and young scientists who received financial support

Lunch about 1pm

6 May 2024 – Monday

Registration 7am – 6 pm

Opening ceremony 9am

Conference Sessions 10am-6pm (two coffee breaks and lunch)

6:30pm Reception

7 May 2024 – Tuesday

Conference sessions 9am-5:30pm (two coffee breaks and lunch)

18pm- open popular science lecture,

8 May 2024 – Wednesday

Conference sessions, 9am-15am (one coffee break and lunch)

free time in the afternoon (trips, learning about Krakow's culture)

9 May 2024-Thuersday

Conference sessions 9am-17:30pm (two coffee breaks and lunch)

18pm-open popular science lecture

20pm conference dinner

10 May 2024-Friday

Conference sessions 9am-3:30pm (one coffee break and lunch)

Ending of conference 3:30pm

We assume 200 poster presentations, posters boards will be available throughout the conference (starting from May 6)

List of invited speakers

1. Solar Sources of CMEs

Shin Toriumi: Solar Sources of CMEs (review), Japan

Lucie Green: Magnetic properties of active regions & eruptive structures, UK

2. CME initiation

Meng Jin: MHD Simulation of CMEs and shocks (review), USA

Dibyendu Nandi CMEs and Solar Magnetism, India

Brian Welsch: The importance of reconnection in understanding CME flux ropes, USA

3. CME, flare, eruptive prominence relationship

Jie Zhang: CME flare relationship and Early life of CMEs (review), USA

P. Vemareddy: Flux rope as the fundamental structure of CMEs

4. Detection and modeling of stellar CMEs

Kosuke Namekata: Detection and modeling of stellar CMEs (review), Japan

Astrid Veronig: EUV and X-ray signatures of stellar CMEs, Austria

5. Propagation of CMEs in solar and stellar environments

Chenglong Shen: CME propagation effects (review), China

Julian Alvarado-Gómez: Extending solar flare-CME relations to stars, Germany

Christine Verbeke: Simulations of CMEs in the interplanetary medium, Belgium

6. CMEs, shocks, and radio bursts

Emilia Kilpua: CME shocks (review), Finland

Rachel Osten: Radio observations of stellar CMEs, USA

Jasmina Magdlenic: CMEs and radio bursts, Belgium

7. CMEs and Energetic Particles

Mihir Desai: All types of SEP events from ground level enhancement (GLE) to energetic storm particle (ESP) events (review), USA

Donna Rodgers-Lee: SEPs and cosmic ray effects on exoplanetary atmospheres, Ireland

Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber: SEP environment near the Sun from Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe, Germany

8. CME impact on planets/exoplanets

Paula Reyes: CMEs, ICMEs, and Geomagnetic storms (review), Chile

Vladimir Airapetian: CME impact on exoplanets, USA

Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla: CME flux ropes and geomagnetic storms, USA

9. Solar and Stellar Extreme events

Ilya Usoskin: Black swans vs. Dragon kings (review), Finland

Fusa Miyake: Historical Extreme Events, Japan

Konstantin Herbst: Modeling and observations of astrospheres, Germany

10. Final discussion and Closing (panel)

Joseph Callingham: Instrumentation for stellar CME detection, The Netherlands

Moira Jardine: Stellar prominences and mass loss of low-mass stars, UK

Jeremy Drake: Grand challenges in investigating stellar eruptions, USA

Kanya Kusano: Solar impact on Earth, Japan

Stefan Poedts: Solar and Stellar Flux Rope Modeling, Belgium

One-day School Lecturers (5th May 2024)

Alphonse Sterling: Solar interior and atmosphere

Seiji Yashiro/N. Gopalswamy: Coronal mass ejections: observational properties

Nat Gopalswamy: CMEs and associated phenomena

Aline Vidotto: The impact of stellar winds and CMEs on exoplanets

Ward Manchester: Propagation of CMEs in solar and stellar environments

Pertti Mäkelä: Solar Energetic Particle events

Tibor Torok: Numerical studies of CMEs

Inaugural session

History of Astronomy (solar physics) in Krakow, Poland - Marek Jamrozy ABSTRACT


Public lectures

The Intimate Life of Giant Stellar Eruptions and Signatures of Habitable Worlds - Vladimir Airapetian g ABSTRACT


What is Space Weather and how do we forecast it? - Tanja Amerstorfer ABSTRACT